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Club Members


Matt Souza or as his friends refer to him, "Chip" has been lowriding since his high school days. Now thirty and married with two kids, he works with computers days, and cruises nights and weekends in his 1968 Mercury Montclair. Chip's classic cruiser is a family heir-loom that was aquired from his Great Aunt. It has fresh paint, 100 spoke wheels, chrome engine with dual exhaust, and of course, a hydraulic suspension. This peice of antique automotive artistry also boasts factory installed original interior.
Chip is one of Distinctive Car Clubs founding fathers.
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 Barack OToma:

Tom, also known as VooDoo63, cruises in his 1963 Chevy Impala with the same name. He has been involved with lowriding since the mid 90's when he installed hydraulics in his Cadillac with help from a friend. They also ripped the motor out in the auto shop of high school and installed a fresh 350 olds rocket. After 3 wheeling around the city for a while he decided to spend some time in the Euro space and even the SUV arena while attending college. Both of those were short lived and Tom came back into the lowrider scene when he acquired what is now known as VooDoo63. Tom is one of Distinctive Car clubs founding fathers
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  Dirk Champlin:

Derek , aka Dirk is one of the core members who has been riding with most of these guys since high school. Along with 2 brothers in the club he has always had a love for lowriding. Married with 2 kids he appreciates the family atmosphere the club has to offer, seeing that most the members are either life long friends or family. When he's not helping other members with their lowriding needs you'll catch Derek cruising in his 85' Fleetwood coupe. Derek is one of Distinctive Car Clubs founding fathers.
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 Jay Pryor:

Jay is one of the newest members to the lowriding scene, but always had a passion since high school when he was first introduced to lowriders by fellow club member Billy.  He purchased his first lowrider project in 06' with guidance from club member Derek. Jay has found a lifelong passion in lowriding and considers the club family. You'll catch him at cruise nights and car shows in his 98' Lincoln Town Car. Jay is one of Distinctive Car Clubs founding fathers.
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David Champlin:

David followed by younger brother Dean has been under the lowrider wing of older brother Derek and couldn't wait to get one of his own! Proud to be a new parent he fits right in this family oriented car club. David loves to take the family out for a cruise in his 96 Lincoln Town Car. With plans to upgrade his Lincoln David can't wait to hit the streets and show what lowRIDEing is all about.
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Dean Champlin:

Dean , one of the newer members joins 2 brothers in the car club. Growing up under the lowrider influence he couldn't wait to get his first lowrider. He's engaged and has a 4 year old son who loves lowriding as much as he does. Deans building his 84' Buick Regal to be his first official lowrider.
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Billy Maher:

Billy Maher aka DEVINE, is the owner of a 1963 Impala SS Convert. (PIPE DREAMS) He has had it since he was 14. At first the asking price was way past his range at $6500. Billy would ride his pedal bike 2 miles every weekend just to look @ the car. He knew he wanted it and after 3 months of being patient the owner finally let it go for $1200. While building his impala, Billy has had a few gbodys including an 87 regal, an 84 cutty and a 88 cutty, 98 and 02 town car and a 48 Chevy Thriftmaster truck ; all of which have been sold. Recently added was a 2nd 1948 Chevy bomb truck with numerous chrome upgrades like a rare grill guard , running boards, and rear bumper brackets. Devine is a proud FAMILY member of DISTINCTIVE CAR CLUB. Billy owns his own photography company, DEVINE IMAGERY, and is the official club photographer.
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